Why Not a Bloodless Eid?

Why Not a Bloodless Eid?

Every few days I see posts crying out loud for peace and to “not spread hate” and how “terror doesn’t have a religion”. Everyone wants something illusive called “peace”. The whole world, save some misguided terrorists, is clear that they want “world peace”. But what is peace?

An official, politically approved, synchronized massacre of goats all across the world – is that “peace”? To some it looks like their “food” crying in pain. To some of us it is a living creature with emotions, with LIFE. It is LIFE crying out loud with nothing more than appeal to let it live. Nothing more, really. To that creature, this is terror. Does “terror” still not have a name?
Why be hypocritical and selective about making declarations on wanting peace when we can’t even stop this needless killing right in our neighbourhoods? What peace do we hope to get from “Life” and in the “World” when we cant stop killing animals for a snack? That animal is Life. Where they live is the World.

Why be so insensitive? Even if we trip and fall and hurt a toe nail we feel pain & cry out. How can we forget this when we heartlessly run a knife on the throat of a poor goat which has never done anything bad to you?
“Bloodless Eid” needs to be on every facebook wall post today.
Where are all the animal activists who promote water-less Holi, No-crackers Diwali, no milk Shivaratri and the likes? Seriously, where are they? Where is the media? Where are the big brains behind these campaigns? Are they dead or are they bought? Why aren’t they shouting “Bloodless Eid”?
Or are they ignoring the cries of pains of those goats?

Tonight will be the last living day of many goats. Because death awaits them tomorrow. While the rest of the World carries on as if it is no big deal.

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  • Nithya Satyaswaroopan
    Posted at 00:37h, 14 September Reply

    Goes to show how spiritually dead and empty those people are. Turning their own anger and violence on innocent beings. I look forward to the day when animal slaughter becomes a crime. It has to either come from a top authoritiy figure who is not worried about muslim backlash or if enough people gather in huge protests and demand that enough is enough.

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