What It Is To Be A Writer

What It Is To Be A Writer

A writer writes. Obviously.

But not everyone who writes is a “writer.” To be a writer is to be many things at the same time.

A writer builds special muscles, brain cells, creative “spaces” and a heightened sense of screening & absorbing information all the time, which allow him/her to marinade ideas in his/her head, and be ready to write at the press of a button.

I can write when I’m not in a great mood. I can write when I’m in pain. I can write when I am 75% asleep. I can write when the deadline is half hour away. I can write when I’m 80% distracted. I can write on any device. I can write while watching a movie or listening to music. I can write in a moving vehicle. I can write at any hour of the day. I can write anywhere, anytime. I can write on anything (if I want to).

I wasn’t always like this.

I became like this because I wanted to. Because I stuck out all the scenarios listed above. Because I decided to act when the inspiration lands, right away. I don’t have a special process. Writing, instead of giving excuses, IS the process. Getting it out. Better out, a little less perfect, than lost for good.

I survived all the odds listed. Because what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger. It’s no longer your weakness. It’s now your strength.

That’s what it is to be a writer. You have to be in love with writing to get there.

PS: I wrote this exactly the way I said – on my phone, at 5.30am, partly sleepy & dreamy. So that I can sleep well 🙂

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