What is Your Creative Niche?

what is your creative niche?

What is Your Creative Niche?

Not sure how you can be creative? Have serious doubts if at all you can be creative?

Most people are. Sadly, that is how life is.

The good news is, that that is not how it needs to be from today onwards. Because, it is very very easy for anyone to find out their niche of creativity.

Firstly, art and creativity are not the same things. Art is a subset of creativity. Sometimes, not even that. To be frank, not all art is creative. But, the point is, being creative does not mean being artistic. You may not even be able to appreciate art, but you can still be creative, in your own way.

Creativity is anything that you do, that you dabble into, that you play with, that expands the horizons of your thinking in the process, and also excites you and makes you happy. This is by no means the only definition of creativity. Every time you ask me, I will give you a new definition. Because creativity is not something that can be fixed in the frame of a few words!

So, for one person, creativity could be solving mathematical equations; for another, it could be sewing hand bags; for someone else, it can be teaching a class; and for yet another fellow, it might be sitting on a computer and writing a blog while teaching a class (yeah, that’s me).

Creativity is something you naturally click with, without even having to explain why.

So, if you want to find your creative niche, pen down atleast five activities which put you in the above mood. It could be very small teensy meensy things. Or it could be really big things. “Size” doesn’t matter. That you have these things in your life , does.

Write down atleast five activities that put you in a state of reason-less joy. What are they? Identify those.

These exact five may not be your creative niche itself, but the more you dabble into these activities, the easier and easier it will be for you to find your own creative niche. You can just build it starting from here. And who knows where it may take you! 🙂

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