The Ups & Downs of Making Art

making art - splash, my first oil painting

The Ups & Downs of Making Art

Making art is a funny business. Beautiful, but funny.

To make art you need inspiration. When you make art, you share that inspiration with scores of people. Yet, what happens if you run out of fuel? What if your life depends on making art, and you run out of fuel?

What if you are hurt, and run into a block? Yes, this is precisely why it is funny business.

An artist who does not pour his/her emotion into art is not an artist at all, but a painter. Painting and making art are two different things….two very different things. It is the same difference (regarde the oxymoron) as a cameraman and a photographer, a builder and an architect, a performer and a dancer….and so on.

Making art requires patience, and tremendous love…for yourself, and perhaps something outside of yourself.

There is an answer to the conundrum of what do you do when you run out of fuel?

I have seen in my life, that the problem of running out of fuel is one only too common and yet, one not fully understood.

When I run out of fuel, I go find more fuel or I turn my boredom itself into fuel. I create change, rather than wait for it to come & find me. I go after inspiration with a club, as once mentioned by Jack London.

I go and browse websites that fuel me, like Etsy, Natgeo Creative, Photography sites etc. I change the layout of my apartment. I make it a little more beautiful, and accommodating of my creative needs.

It is important to pour emotion into art. It is also, important to go on making art. It is, hence, important to make sure you are chugging on with the right emotions.

Yes, there are times when I feel low, when I feel ignored, when I feel un-appreciated, when I feel under-valued. But I can make that irrelevant when I become the most important person to myself.

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