The Monday Syndrome

The Monday Syndrome

It’s Monday. One more Monday. One more time. Can’t you just delete Mondays from your calendar? Along with everything scheduled on a Monday, ofcourse. That’s the point, right?

It’s got a name, that thing I just did in the last few lines. I gave that name. I call it the “Monday Syndrome.” I define it as:

“The apparently incurable & fatal condition where you live your life believing Mondays are your enemies, but actually it is your own inability to recognize & fix your issues with your damn job.”

In a few years, I’m sure some doc with a fancy degree will declare it as a psychological medical condition, and start meting out heavy medication for it, which will make the “apparently incurable” into “incurable.” In other words, it’s a scam.

It’s a Trap.

Don’t fall for it. Don’t let society, your co-workers, your friends, your pre-conceived notions let you bluff yourself into believing that you are supposed to hate Mondays. The memes are funny af. But if that becomes the broken record of your real, weekly life, it is no longer funny. Because the joke is on you.

I love Mondays. I usually don’t realize it is the weekend unless it is Saturday evening and some friend tells me to take an effing break because it is a Saturday. I am too lost in my wonderland of work to notice what day of the week it is. Then I wait till Monday to get the ball rolling on some things which involve other people – you know, society. End of the day, it is my “job satisfaction” index with myself that matters, not whether it was a weekday or a weekend.

You Are Allowed to Love ALL Days

You don’t need to looooowe Mondays. But you don’t need to hate it too. You can love both weekends and weekdays. But if you think you can live your life only on weekends and drag yourself through the week for the rest of your life, and that is “normal,” you are damaging yourself semi-permanently. If life was meant to be lived on weekends, we would be born as droids who can be switched into automated mode on weekdays. But we live, breathe, walk, think, act the same way on all days of the week.

If something about your job makes you hate it, resolve it. If you hate your entire job, change your job – or start working on changing it. If you hate everything you do, start asking yourself what you do want to do. Spend a little time on yourself.

You are the best resource you have.

Life Has No Remote Control

We hate Mondays because the alternative has not occurred to us yet – that we have the option to change that. Or because we have programmed our minds with the idea, “It is too difficult to make the change; ipso facto, not worth the effort.” Sometimes, it is just the sheer stress & fear that makes us hate what Mondays have in store for us. That can be changed too. Fear is not necessary for life, irrespective of what people might have taught us when we were kids. Nor is stress. Stress is actually anti-work. I would have loved for it to spell “work” backwards to make the point clearer, but English is a strange language.

Bottom line – everything, literally everything can be changed once you realize it is YOU who needs to make the change. No one is going to sweep into your life & make that change for you. You have the remote control of your life pinned to your own self. Start using it 🙂 And don’t hate Mondays.

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