The “Creatives” and the “Non-Creatives”: a Myth Busted

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The “Creatives” and the “Non-Creatives”: a Myth Busted

There is  a prevalent belief in the world at large: some people are just creative like that, perhaps by birth, and some are not – the “non creatives”. Where this belief sprang from, it seems no one knows. Yet most people don’t pause and think before accepting it as a fact.

This is also the driving force behind many people making wrong decisions in their life, because they feel they are not creative enough to be in a certain kind of a job.

The truth is, that creativity is the very innate quality of every human being, just like intelligence, joy and love. Due to some reasons, influences and societal conditioning, some people start believing that they are not creative. That they cannot do any of the stuff that some other people do. Because they start believing this, even their moments of creative thinking go ignored and continue to get ignored. And the society and they themselves start labeling themselves as the “non creatives”.

Another thing that needs to be understood is that creativity is not the same as artistic sense. One may be creative without having the “artistic sense” and one may be having the artistic sense without really being creative with it.

Not all art is made from creativity, some of it is made from imagination. What is the difference between imagination and creativity, one will surely ask.

Imagination is based on fantasy, whereas creativity is based on possibility. There is a fine line of distinction.

The so called “non creatives” start believing themselves to be devoid of all creativity often because they are not that artistic in their approach to things. And the society also confirms it. Unfortunately, no one tells them that creativity has nothing to do with sketching and painting, it is a way of life. You require creativity to learn anything new. You require creativity to come up with new ideas and possibilities. You need creativity even to have a sense of humour!

Creativity is simply one of the dimensions of your intelligence. It is not just a quality, it is the route to great possibilities.

Nothing great in this world would be possible without creativity. Then how is it possible that only a few people in the world are creative, and the rest are not? 🙂

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  • kim kwan ho
    Posted at 22:37h, 17 December Reply

    I never wondered about the distinction between creativity and imagination. Intriguing indeed!

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