I Looked When He Wasn’t Looking

I Looked When He Wasn’t Looking

I looked at him when he wasn’t looking. There is something about looking at someone when they are not looking at you, just being. Whenever someone looks back at you, it’s like they have their personality on – the one they want to show you. But when they are not looking, they are just being, how they would be if you didn’t exist at that point of time.

And then a thought crossed my mind – did anyone ever look at me when I was not looking? Did he? I wondered what he saw.

To Fili & Kili, two naughty pigeon fledglings who wreaked havoc in my balcony for a few weeks and then left for unknown causes. They looked at me suspiciously every time I stepped into the balcony, as if it was their home, and I was invading.

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