How Cats are Different When it Comes to Love

How Cats are Different When it Comes to Love

Cats are some of the most misunderstood creatures. They are not really mean. They just express themselves differently. In a world that is fast becoming insensitive to all things fine and subtle, the language of love of cats is one that not everyone speaks.

Cats are moody. You can keep calling them and they won’t come. Leave them alone for a few minutes, and they’ll come meowing around you and look at you like they are personally offended.

They love attention. They hate being ignored.

One time my kitten was sleeping in my blankets in the other room while I called my friend. She actually woke up and came and start jumping up and down my leg, meowing, because she was offended that I was giving all this attention to someone else.

They expect you to talk to them. And they DO understand you, when you talk to them.

Sometimes they might choose to ignore what you say, but they do get you.

Cats are independent creatures who are capable of fending for themselves very well. They don’t exactly need someone doing things for them. They just love being pampered. But they don’t actually require it. One time we ran out of cat food. It was 5am. My kitten actually brought the empty catfood packet from out of the dust bin and placed it in front of me on my bed while I was trying to open my eyes and somehow wake myself up. She knew what she needs. She knew who can get it. She thought all she needed to do was tell me so. Another time she actually went and pulled out the catfood packet from the drawer all by herself, chewed out the plastic, and helped herself to her catfood.

Cats are smart. But unfortunately we humans sometimes end up treating them like they are stupid.

If there is anything I learnt from her, it is that to ask for love when you trust someone is okay. It is nothing to be shy or embarrassed about. My convent school upbringing probably drilled some British ideas of self restraint in me when I was young. But my cat is nicely undoing that with her sweet meows and persistence about climbing into my lap.

The biggest thing a cat wants from their human is to get regular love and attention. This means lots of stroking and petting and cuddling.

I actually hug my cat first thing in the morning once I wake up. Second thing is to give her food and water. She sleeps right next to me on my bed. She HAS to sleep in my lap or on my desk when Im working. One time I woke up and started tickling my kitten. Then I again sort of fell asleep, and, obviously, stopped tickling her. She was actually trying to lift my hand and put it on her, to tell me to continue to tickle her!

We are best buddies. We get each other <3

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