Fluoride, the Biggest Lie You Have Ever Been Sold

Fluoride, the Biggest Lie You Have Ever Been Sold

Who wants to eat poison? No one.
Who wants to be told they are already ingesting poison?

Fluoride is a poison. Anything told to you differently, is a lie, sugar-coated in more poison.

This isn’t my opinion. Numerous researches have unequivocally proved that Fluoride is a neurotoxin, which slows down your brain cells, hence your capacity to think for yourself, and then “drugs” you into doing whatever you see everyone else doing.
Fluoride is one of the biggest scams of the pharma industry, which has been kept under cover for way too long. I wonder why?
Here’s a thought – won’t it be easier to sway, fool, and delude a large mass of people if they are just numbed to the point where they forget to think for themselves? Just saying.

Here are several results from extensive research which show how Fluoride is misrepresented as “required” in dental applications, whereas no research says that it is good for dental health.
This Harvard study confirms that ingesting Fluoride actually makes you stupider! It dulls the brain. It slows your thinking. It stops you from questioning anything. It numbs your very existence. So now we know that stupidity is a disease – caused by Fluoride!
Download this study, if you are curious, to learn how water fluoridation is one of the worst things done to humanity, without their knowledge, or their explicit permission. Here is one more research article based on the study which lays down all the ways in which Fluoride damages you as a person.
And now the BIG news.

Fluoride causes Cancer. It has been responsible for 10,000 deaths so far. And the number would have gone up by the time you read this. Sad?


See this article on the many ways in which Fluoride is directly responsible for cancer.
These are the facts. Time for some deep thinking?

What if you the reason for that itch, that swelling, that un-diagnosed cough, that untimely flu, is the fluroide in your water and/or toothpaste? Do we want to wait until we are diagnosed with irreversible tumours and cancers before we do something about how we live, what we eat, and how the rest of our lives are going to be?

I’m not a sales agent for a product. This is not a sales pitch for some water purifier – which, by the way, don’t always remove fluoride. Read the fine print, always.

I’m a sales agent for Life. If I sound like I’m selling anything, it is LIFE, and a happy, healthy one at that.
Choice is yours. Are you buying yet?

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