Everyone Values Their Freedom to Live

Everyone Values Their Freedom to Live

One of the biggest blessings of my life was being born into a vegetarian family. Being a vegetarian by birth is a luxury few can lay claims on. I see so many ppl struggle with vegetarian cooking & moving away from meat. I don’t judge them because I don’t know what that is like, but I feel sorry for them.

One time someone tried to trick me into eating meat in school, because I was preoccupied with solving Irodov questions (engineering students will know what that means), but even in that state of preoccupation, I knew within seconds that something was wrong. I got mad at the girl & went out and puked it out. I didn’t swallow it (obviously). I never trusted that girl with anything ever again. Nor did she receive any help from me in any science subjects (I often solved questions on the class board which my teachers couldn’t solve. Not kidding). That is the strength of our culture & values. People think you “need to try it” to know whether it is good or not. I don’t need to try it to know that it comes from a poor dead animal. Even if I have never eaten it, I know it if it accidentally shows up in my plate or mouth. I wish more people had this blessing.

If we could raise the next generation without meat, half the world’s problems – environment, violence, aggression, greed, fear, pollution, vicious karmic cycles, blockages with wealth (if you use wealth to murder animals, that money becomes tainted with that karma), all of it can be reduced so much. Nobody who eats meat can be spiritual. If you base your life on the lives of other animals, how can you be spiritual? It means you do not understand spirituality in the first place.

PS: pic is representative & clicked by me at Yamuna Ghat. Everyone values their freedom to live.

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