Endurance: Is the Mojo Rising?

endurance - running to stand still

Endurance: Is the Mojo Rising?

I’m one of those people who love cherishing the romanticized idea that passion for something and loving what you do is what decides how well you do it, and how successful you are in it.

I’m not wrong. But I have to admit, that I am not entirely right as well. It is the half truth. Truth, but half truth.

Love and endurance make anything whole. It is not just a question of success, but how much fulfillment you get out of something. In some ways, all other parameters of measuring success are purely societal and perceptional. The only real parameter of feeling of success is how complete, whole, fulfilled you feel from something, or someone.

Love makes something worth pursuing, something look beautiful to you. Endurance is what makes you stick it out and get to the better parts of it. Endurance is where your involvement outweighs the charm and enigma of what you want to pursue. When you are ready to give a little—or a lot—of yourself to something or someone, it gives different far deeper results. It shows you the limits of your own imagination. It shows you that life can always surprise you, because it is not a linear relation.

Both are important. When you start walking on the path of endurance, it starts knocking off parts of you. It chisels off extraneous matter from you. In that process of chiseling, love is the glue that keeps you together, it’s what makes you go through the process.

Endurance is an amazing thing. Some people also call it commitment, though that is a very misunderstood word. To me, both essentially mean the same: that you are willing to make the effort needed for something you want. Many people leave out the last part—it is important to remember that any effort you make or vulnerability you allow in yourself, is for something you want, not for the other person, society or the activity itself. It is for you. Commitment is just your decision to be involved in the thing you profess to care about.

Without endurance, we are all butterflies chasing rose buds, but never getting to drink the nectar. Endurance makes love possible. Infatuation or fantasy may trigger it, but endurance is what sustains it. Nothing in life is perfect or exactly as you imagined it to be. That is the truth. Endurance makes you face the reality, accept it, and then love it even though it was not what your fantasies were going to be.

Many people love running. Yet, not everyone runs a half marathon or even a 10k. Why? Because they don’t want to be more involved. They are happy with just looking cool, rather than changing their lives, lifestyles, eating habits, waking habits and so much more. That is the difference between running and running a half marathon: former is flirting and the latter is commitment.

When you learn endurance, you develop the mindset and muscles required to excel at anything. Because you know how to deal with your own ups and downs. Persistence makes the ups and downs irrelevant. After going through the rough parts several times, even you know till your depths that the “down” is not permanent, nor is the “up,” but they are the weather. Whereas what you are seeking, what you love, is the sky. Without endurance, you are like a football constantly getting tossed from one goal post to another.

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