Do. Or Do Not. There is No Try!

Do. Or do not. There is no try.

Do. Or Do Not. There is No Try!

This must be one of the quotes I have pondered over for the longest time, and very often. It says a lot, and yet, many people misunderstand it all the time.

99% of the times when people say they will “try,” what they really mean is that they are too cowardly to admit that they don’t want to or don’t believe they can do something, and will make the least bit of effort just for the heck of it, half-heartedly, but will neither believe that what they undertook is possible, nor will give it their best.

The quote to me means giving your all to something or staying the heck out of it. Because life tests you at every turn. And if you are not ready for those tests, you probably are not committed to what you want in the first place. It is life’s way of sounding you out–whether you really want what you say you want, and believe that it is possible, are willing to fight for it, or not.

I come across so many people asking for solutions for things. The moment I ask them to do something, they say, “I will try,” or just make an excuse, or ask me, “Will it work?”

That’s what we are talking of. Either you want something or you don’t. Either you are willing to do what it takes, or you are not. Don’t cheat yourself and others by saying you will “try.” When you do that, it is obvious you have one foot outside.

So DO. Or DO NOT. There is no try.

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