Creativity Requires Courage!

creativity requires courage

Creativity Requires Courage!

Creativity requires exploration, experimentation and reason-less play. All of these require courage, because they require you to step outside of the perimeter of your daily activities and fixed beliefs. Experimentation can also prove that your ideas about something were wrong! And that can also evoke fear in many people, because they are too attached to their beliefs, they don’t want to let go of them or do anything that might make them change their beliefs.

But creativity cannot flourish when the mind is numb with fear. Courage is the water that nurtures the creativity which is still a sapling.

Courage is not the absence of fear. Courage is facing your fear and going beyond fear.

If you feel a deep uncomfortable feeling before starting something, or even thinking of starting something, that means there is some fear running inside like an undercurrent. The lack of comfort with being creative is nothing but suppressed fear. If u feel fear again and again, after a certain point of time, it starts becoming suppressed, and manifests as a deep discomfort when u do something outside of the well trodden path of your life. When I say “your life” I mean exactly that, because I am referring to something that is new for you, it may not be new for others, but it falls outside of your daily run of activities.

Courage is when you consciously decide to look into your fear and face it head on!

Facing our fears opens up new possibilities for us. It allows our thinking to wander in directions where it would never go otherwise. It liberates us from the “rut” we tend to fall into because of little-little fears here and there.

Here is a simple cathartic meditation technique which when practiced every night for 21 days, can remove fears from the very root. This technique requires you to sit alone in a state of awareness, and bring to your mind all the fears you have in your life, and live those fears as if it is happening to you right now. Allow your emotions to come up & live them. Going into the fear with awareness makes the fears lose their power over you and allows your natural intelligence and creativity to blossom freely!

Here is the meditation technique called “Nirbhaya Dhyana” (meditation to go beyond fear) as given by Swami Nithyananda, quoted verbatim:

Every fear you accumulate, every fear makes you feel agitated, every fear which you do not want to think, remember, go through, go into all those fears consciously, neither deciding to save yourself from that fear nor having greed to achieve what you are afraid of. So without having the greed or fear, enter into the fear. Naturally the fear will lose its quality of fear when you do not carry fear or greed for the fear. Greed has its quality of greed because of your greed for greed and fear about the greed. Same way the fear has the quality of fear because of your fear for the fear and indirect greed towards the fear.

So when your fears are approached with fearlessness and greed-lessness, the straightening out of your consciousness everyday happens…

… Continuous practice of removing all the bumps of fear and greed by facing them will help you to fall into the state of turiya. This is what Mahadeva calls as death process – Nirbhaya Dhyana.

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