Creativity Loves Company: The Tuning Fork Example

Creativity loves Company!

Creativity Loves Company: The Tuning Fork Example

It is not just misery that loves company. In fact, misery does not love company. Beyond a certain point, you can’t make too many people miserable with your misery! Someone or the other is bound to cheer you up! No one loves misery.

But creativity definitely loves company. It is like a cold; you just catch it from the people around you. It is contagious.

I once saw a tattoo artist sitting and making sketches for her tattoos. She looked so one with her work, that it was difficult to even call it “work”. I was inspired, to say the least. I did not exactly decide to become a tattoo artist myself, but I caught the bug, and went ahead to design my own tattoo which I had been meaning to do for a long time.

When one person decides to do something creative, his/her very thinking vibrates in a different frequency. And when anyone comes in the nearness of that person, they start vibrating in that frequency too.

There seems to exist a direct parallel between the frequency of our minds and the frequency of, say, a musical instrument or a tuning fork.

When a tuning fork mounted on a sound box is placed next to another identical tuning fork mounted on a sound box system, and only one of them is set into vibration, it is observed that after some time the other tuning fork, without being disturbed by anyone, also automatically starts to vibrate in the same frequency! The experiment yields the same results every time.

The same principle is used in musical instruments. If a guitar string is tied somewhere so it is stretched and if is plucked, it does not create a loud sound. Whereas an identical guitar string mounted on a guitar produces a much louder sound. This is because of the sound box in the guitar which also vibrates in the same frequency as the string.

Though this is a principle of Physics, this principle actually applies to many other dimensions of our lives as well.

The company of the people around us influences us in more than one ways. On a bigger scale, this becomes the study of human behaviour or Sociology. On a slightly smaller scale, this becomes the basis of the work culture of an organization.

So, it seems, when we hang out with people who are doing something creative in their lives, something clicks somewhere; and somehow, in a not very obvious way, we also feel inspired to do the creative stuff we want to do.

So, it is easy to see, that to be more creative, what would be one of the things which can be really useful will be going to places which inspire you, like art exhibitions, or hanging out with like-minded people like photography meet-up groups or just fun activities over the weekend, like learning how to bake a cake!

I keep myself very well nourished with creative inspiration by following several blogs and websites which keep the creativity meter reading pretty high all through the day!


Tuning Fork Experiments:

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