Creativity and Innovation: The World Has Got it Wrong!

Creativity and Innovation: The World Has Got it Wrong!

Creativity is NOT coming up with new ideas. Ideation and creativity are NOT the same things.

Read the above two statement atleast three times until it sinks in enough for you to raise the question, “So what IS creativity and how is it different from generating ideas?”

Scenario #1: I am sitting in a coffee shop. I am depressed. I have an idea that I should kill myself. Is that me being creative?

Scenario #2: I am in a local train. It is really really packed. I have an idea that I should buy a car so I dont need to get pushed around like this every day. Is that me being creative?

Scenario #3: I am in my office. My boss is expressing dissatisfaction with me and the quality of my work. I have an idea – I think I need to suck up to my boss more so I can be more successful at my work. Is that me being creative?

Scenario #4: I am a designer. I have been asked to design a logo for a company that sells metals. I find my work boring. I have an idea that I should tell the guy that he should pay me extra because the work is boring. Is that me being creative?

If all of the above are not being creative, then HOW can we say that creativity is the art of coming up with ideas?

Okey, let’s solve the mystery.

Great ideas are the by-product of a creative space. Just having ideas in itself is NOT expressing creativity. You can have ideas from a lot of other, negative emotions also. Your anger, hurt, frustration, dissatisfaction, needy-ness, depression, all of these can cause ideas to happen in you. Ideas can also happen from just restlessness and agitation. But that is not creativity.

Ideas are thoughts. Nothing more, nothing less.

Creativity is the space inside you that attracts the thoughts that bring more and more fulfillment, excitement, enthusiasm and joy to you. Creativity is the natural expression of life itself.

The process of attempting to solve a problem at hand with your inherent creativity is called ideation.

So what is innovation?

Innovation is coming up with intelligent ideas to solve a problem at hand, and implementing those ideas with the same creativity. Creativity and execution are not two separate steps in the process. Creativity is not required in just the ideation phase. It is required in the execution process also. The very reason why most of the times the execution process does not happen as envisioned is because people lose the inspiration to do something. Why? Because anything that is bland and boring does not inspire you. And things become bland and boring when you don’t do them creatively.

So, creativity is not just a tool with which you type out ideas. It is also the very fluid which keeps you gelled together with the great ideas and makes you implement them with the same enthusiasm.

Unfortunately, the world has got it all wrong. And the problem is that the authority with which the world keeps talking about their wrong ideas makes it even more difficult to reform them!



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