Creativity Boggles Scientists!

Creativity Boggles Scientists!

Creativity is not a quantifiable, measurable phenomenon. It is not a one time happening that can be recorded and measured and replicated exactly, under controlled conditions, for different subjects.

Creativity is not an outcome of a set of factors which when replicated with different people, will produce the same result every time.

Hence, scientists are boggled by what is creativity, and what it is that causes creativity to happen (and not happen)!

They are boggled because they are rigorously trying to frame creativity within their logic, giving logical explanations, whereas creativity is something which is beyond logic. Mind you, it is not something illogical. It is beyond logic. It is something which has logic and something more, which cannot be measured by logic.

For instance, this scientific research by acclaimed scientists – refer to – has tried its best to establish some concrete results on creativity, and in the end, they could only conclude, “It seems that to be creative is to be something we don’t have a test for.”

So, what is creativity?

Creativity is the highest manifestation and expression of the higher consciousness of an individual, a small glimpse into his/her infinite possibilities. In simple words, creativity is the inner most quality of every human being, which expresses itself every now and then when the mind is blissful or silent.

There are two types of creativity, to put it in a more objective way:

1) Action Oriented Creativity – When you have an exact problem or situation at hand and need to find a creative solution for it. For example, designing an advertising campaign, or coming up with a new product for your company.

Thinking of what to tell your boss so as to get a vacation leave from work also falls into this category. Unfortunately, people see creativity only from a work angle, and miss the smaller creative moments in their lives.

2) Creative Living – When creativity expresses through you effortlessly as a lifestyle, anything and everything you do will have that touch of creativity in it. Be it the doodle on your notebook, the way you paste to-do notes on your wall, your desktop wallpaper, or the apps you use on your phone. Everything you do will be replete with the fragrance of creativity!

And this is the reason why scientists are not able to put their finger on one or a few exact things that cause creativity… because there is no one factor causing it!

Creativity is simply existing in each human being. Whenever a human being reaches a meditative space, he/she is able to get in touch with that resource inside him, and express that creativity. It can be in moments of intense happiness or intense sadness also. And the means to reach the meditative space can be millions, and vary for each individual. What may make a person A creative may put off a person B completely and vice versa.

Creativity exists. And only requires you to open up to it 🙂 That is all there to it really!

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