Art Is Creating a World Others Can’t See

art is creating something new

Art Is Creating a World Others Can’t See

There are uncountable definitions of what is and isn’t art. And with every definition something gets included and something else gets excluded. With no set intention to include or exclude something, I personally believe that art is nothing more and nothing less than creating something others can’t even see. It is about building, conceiving, giving shape, form, colours to a world that doesn’t exist. It is adding life to something that is unborn.

Even as I type with red acrylic pain on my fingers, and a half-finished painting with its base drying, I feel the urge to record this as the thoughts off load in my mind. Because in a few more minutes, it will be gone. That’s what a lot of art is like–one moment it is there, next it is gone. If you don’t act on it, it evanesces into nothingness. An idea, a thought, a concept presents itself to you. You must start out on it. If you don’t, that unborn world remains unborn. The unsung song remains unsung. The painting remains a blank, dusty canvas.

This is why artists are always struggling–with the world yes, but most of all with themselves. True artists, that is. Those who are constantly creating something, not the type who paint only once in a while to show to the world.

Artists are always struggling because they are trying to give shape and form to something nobody else sees. They want to be understood, but feel inadequate to explain anything. They want to explain, but don’t have the words, the form, the thoughts. They are struggling to understand their own selves. They really just hope that someone else will help them sort out their own muddled thoughts. And that’s where it all goes topsy turvy. Others have no idea what they want.

This is all made worse by the digital world—a world where hate: love is a 100:1 ratio, at the minimum. It is extremely important to understand one thing about making art: the artist MUST pour his/her heart into it for it to be “right.” Art cannot be made mechanically, just by going through the motions. Powerful art, of any kind, requires that thing called the heart, whatever that is. So, in a sense, the artist is really putting a little bit of their most vulnerable, most feeling part of their own selves on the canvas, literal or proverbial. So when they get hate on it, they lose the will to make more art, or they just turn bitter or introverted or completely withdrawn from human society.

So then they ask themselves the question: if nobody appreciates or even cares about my art, why bother even making it? What is the point of it all?

The end. Sorry to disappoint you, but this is not an inspirational post. Just a narration and commentary on the world of art and artists.

Featured artwork: “Blooming Flower or Breaking Heart?” Acrylics on Canvas.

“Blooming Flower or Breaking Heart?” Acrylics on Canvas. By Arti Agarwal
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