To Krishna, With Love

To Krishna, With Love

I usually have a vision or concept in mind when I start painting something. The end product might be different, but the vision is alive, fresh, available to me. Usually these visions happen in my dreams, or that space between dreaming and waking up. Many creative ideas, plans of actions, and other revelations happen in that space.

But I digress. This was not like that. This was just an overwhelming love for Krishna which I wanted to express with my paints.

I like to experiment with the mediums for painting. This time I chose a cardboard that was lying around in my house, serving no purpose other than getting in the way of my finding things that were actually serving a purpose.

I did not know what I was going to paint. I did not think about which form of Krishna I love best, or I can express best. It was Janmashtami. I was alone in my apartment, with little scope of celebrating the festival, and I wanted to do something, offer something to Krishna.

Krishna - by Arti Agarwal

I was sitting there on the floor, surrounded by all my paints, painting knives and other paraphernalia. And then my mind travelled back in time to the day when Swamiji called me His “budding Arjuna.” It was in November, 2011. I don’t remember if I had tears in my eyes from this particular memory, but I vaguely remember crying before painting my artwork. Also remember feeling afraid my tears might spoil the painting.

I did not consciously think about it, but I automatically painted Krishna guiding Arjuna to wage the Mahabharat war. As His Arjuna, I feel it was only natural. His face was full of love, but stern, to not let Arjuna’s powerlessness feel encouraged. His compassion was in his firm stand to not give way to Arjuna blabbering about his family and intellectual ideas of becoming a Brahmana and giving up the world. His face was to radiate patience – the patience that He shows with all of us, when we are not ready to listen to Him.

It turned out better than I ever thought it would. That is the way Krishna works.

When your pour love into anything, he rewards you back with more than what you offer <3

A song from that day:

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