Love is More Powerful Than Anger

love is more powerful than anger

Love is More Powerful Than Anger

I have always known that love is a more powerful force than anger. Because I myself get tired of being angry after some time. I myself don’t want to be angry after some time.

But I never get tired of loving.

Coming from someone like me, who is often seen as someone with a “short temper,” as someone who is strongly opinionated, who has little tolerance for stupidity & hatred for Hindus, who is sharp tongued, who is tough on cheats and traitors…as someone who is all of this, this is not something small or trivial. Nor is it the same old shit you read in every other motivational post on Instagram. No. I don’t want to dumb down what I just said to whatever people chime on social media.

No, what I am trying to say is that I let myself be angry for as long as I need to. I don’t argue with, feel guilty about or justify my anger to anyone. I have some kshatriya blood in me anyway. It is natural for me to be angry towards idiots.

But anger doesn’t stick. When I don’t stop myself from being angry, the anger automatically wears off after some time. No, it doesn’t mean I have “forgiven” the other person. It just means, I am over it. It/they and their actions are irrelevant now. It means that my anger automatically disappears after some time.

But that doesn’t happen with love. If I truly love someone, I may be temporarily put off by something, but I don’t get tired of loving them. I don’t stop loving them. I only stop feeling that love for some time because that place is occupied by pain.

When all the crap dies out, when the background noises quieten, I find myself loving, not feeling mad. If anything, I might feel sad sometimes, but still love the person, or the activity.

And this is because love is a divine force. Yes, anger can be too, when it comes from the right context, but by its very nature, anger is temporary and love is eternal. Anger is the powerful wave in the ocean of love.

So when I take important decisions in my life, I make sure it’s out of love for something/ someone, not anger for something else/ someone else.

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