Knowing the Future Suffering Ends the Future Suffering

heyam dukham anaagatam

Knowing the Future Suffering Ends the Future Suffering

This is a verse I don’t refer to often, but whenever I do, I know that it works. The verse in question is:

हेयं दुखं अनागतं |

Heyam dukham anaagatam

Patanjali Yoga Sutra, 2.16

The translation I have learnt of this sutra is “Knowing the future suffering, ends the future suffering.”

This verse is not just a technique or a mantra to be chanted, it is an initiation, to me. Just reading the verse makes you realize that you are fighting within your ownself to somehow avoid the suffering which you know is coming. It stops all the turmoil inside you. You know you are going to suffer. But just that knowledge, just that awareness is enough to end the suffering now.

It makes you come to terms with your decisions and all the possible risks associated with the decision. No decision in life is truly risk free. Knowing the inherent risk in every decision, and being aware that it could possibly lead to suffering, and then going ahead is radically different from ignoring or trying to deny reality. Coming face to face with all the realities of your life, good, bad, ugly, and accepting it, acknowledging that it is part of the package, stops the unnecessary suffering. All suffering is essentially conflicts with yourself. When you are constantly trying to convince yourself of something, and failing repeatedly.

I usually never reach this point, or rarely do. But fortunately, when I do, I remember this verse & brace myself for what life has in store for me. Because that is what warriors do.

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