He Walked by With a Smile

He Walked by With a Smile

He walked  by with a smile. Inside me, a part of me knew that His every smile, every gesture carries importance. In that moment I was just soaked in His smile and didn’t want to think about what is the big picture significance of it. I was just happy to be there, for those few moments, where He was one feet away from me & smiling at me.

Later in the day, I fell sick. I had been falling sick repeatedly for the last few days. Maybe it was the cold, maybe it was the Maya Matrix trying to cascade me. Maybe it was some part of me resisting Life…maybe some illusion about Life holding me back…or all…because they are all the same in the end.

But I had to decide. What part of me am I partnering with? The part that wants to believe it is sick, wants to rest, wants to think, “I can only do so much” and huddle up & sit with a dull face… or, the part of me that is still bubbling, excited, ready to manifest Sadashiva…the part of me where no diseases carry any meaning, only my love, inspiration, excitement have a measurable value?

Which part was I going to give life to, today?

And then I knew why He had smiled…

He was making sure I give life to the part of me that IS Life.

I chose the part of me that was still blissed out. That loved, courageously. That walked bravely. That was not afraid of anything because why would I be afraid in the first place? Hindus are born free. They only undo the layers of illusions they wear over a period of time. They know that everything ends in liberation, and hence we are free even now, if we know how to operate the right switch inside. I loved that part of me. And that part of me loved me. After some time, someone asked me how I’m doing, and I was like, “Why won’t I be doing ok?” 🙂

I remembered how several years ago I had tweeted to Him and He had replied, and I was SO happy to get the reply that I had tweeted back, saying, “Swamiji now I’ll be blissful all day!” …and He had replied, “Why only today? Be blissful always…”

He always wants us to choose bliss.

His one smile can change the way we live our lives, the choices we make, the people we choose to become.

If His one smile can do so much in one day, I can’t even imagine what 21 days of being with him in the high states of Turiya & Turiyatita will be like. My countdown is on for Sadashivoham. Cant. Wait.

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