I Will Just Have to Travel Back in Time

I Will Just Have to Travel Back in Time

I looked at the passages and wondered who had walked here, for what purpose? What was this passage like a few hundred years ago? Was it cleaner? Did it have oil lamps? Was any battle ever fought here? Did anyone ever die here? It was a very uncanny passage, with narrow walkways at the bottom, high walls on both sides, and open to the sky! Did anyone know that the fort could be penetrated from the top? Was it ever?

Then there were the windows, letting in light and air. What were they there for? Dint they make the fort penetrable? The kings were not fools – they would know this. Then why did they venture to put those there? Why were the windows so close?

Why did this place look so strange, yet familiar, yet strange?

So many questions… and not enough records of history to answer them, nor enough people alive who know it. I would just have to travel back in time to get the answers. No other way.

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