Want to Fly… But Where?

Want to Fly… But Where?

There are certain oxymorons that I’m particularly fond of. Some of them I made up myself.

One of them is – lazy traveller. Yeah, I can be that. NO, not always, but I have those days. Like, there are days when I take all the trouble to get to a place – flying in airplanes, taking trains, fitting all my baggage in the rickshaw, searching for directions ferociously, talking to strangers – all that trouble, and then when I get to the place, all I want to do is sleep or sink in my hot bath.

Well, I take some comfort in the fact that I am not always like this. But I have missed many a misty sunrise because I could not haul myself out of bed at 4 bloody AM on a freezing winter morning.

This pic was not taken at 4AM. Definitely not. But these pigeons reminded me of my oxymoron. They are just sitting there by the cool water pond on a hot afternoon when they can fly wherever they want to.

Ready to fly by Arti Agarwal on 500px.com

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